Springstone gives students many opportunities to build new interests,  relationships, and discover new skills. One such way is by signing up for any club they choose, however they must choose a club and remain with that club for the quarter. Homework club is the exception; students are welcome to attend on a drop-in basis. Springstone will, at times, recommend that students attend homework club regularly. 

Special Events


Winter Dance

A chance to practice social skills in a more formal setting, try out some new dance moves, and have fun with friends.


The Springstone School invites all grades to attend our Prom. Students are required to dress formally and use proper etiquette as they dine and dance with friends.


At The Springstone School, we believe that transition is not something a student prepares for in their 12th-grade year, but that transition starts now.


Transition is an ongoing process and we want our students to have as much experience as possible in the community where they will live and will someday work in. Therefore, in addition to our Access Program, we emphasize community service and volunteerism.


Middle school students are provided with a number of volunteer hours throughout the year. Students are expected to complete 40 hours total outside of school.


Many hours are completed as part of our ACCESS program while at Springstone, but they are still required to seek out hours on their own. In some instances volunteer jobs have have become paid employment opportunities for our students while they are still attending high school.

students volnteering at ranch

College Guidance

At the Springstone School, we very strongly believe that transitions start now. At the beginning of 9th grade, each student is assigned a counselor. The counselor and the student collaborate to create a detailed Transition Plan which sets goals for each student so that they are prepared for life after graduation. As part of our Access Program, students complete career inventories and explore aptitudes throughout their high school years.

All juniors and seniors spend a week visiting local college campuses and other post high school programs. As part of that visit, our students are introduced to the Disabled Student Services (DSS) office in the event that they will seek some of those services when they enroll. Students also receive help from their counselor in filling out their applications. Springstone is an approved testing site for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT for students with approved testing accommodations.


Springstone’s Parent Club is to build community among Springstone families, students and staff by fostering communication and parent engagement, by providing resources, support and recognition and by organizing community events that provide opportunity for families to become better informed and more connected.

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