Our Academics

Springstone students learn organizational and planning skills within the context of a rigorous middle school and high school curriculum that follows the framework of the California Common Core standards.


Small, self-contained, structured classrooms (a maximum of eight students per class) allow for individualized instruction, collaboration, discussion, and conversation within multiple modalities. We use a wide variety of written materials including textbooks, journal articles, and online sources. Students are each assigned a Mac Book or Chrome Book in order to have access to electronic media such as videos, music, interactive websites, and the Acellus online learning curriculum.  

Springstone emphasizes the use of technology as an educational tool. Classrooms are equipped with laptop computers, computer projectors, wireless internet, document readers, and access to a shared network. Our students use laptop computers for concept-mapping and written activities. A shared network allows students to store and retrieve documents in folders that are organized by grade and class.

In our middle school, Springstone provides the essential scaffolding that students with executive function challenges require to become successful. Every class focuses on both written and oral communication, saliency determination, and inferential thinking.

In high school, students are challenged to think critically, to develop complexity and clarity in their communication, and to marshal their skills to solve complex problems.